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Our inventory includes High Efficiency Toilets or HET’s,  which are a great benefit to the environment (and your wallet!) for various reasons. Besides being user friendly and comfortable to the user, HETS’s flush using 20% less water than the law requires and a single flush will be good enough to do the job. This saves you money while helping the environment conserve water.

HET’s are available in a variety of designs to compliment your decorative preferences and are much quieter than your standard toilet.

Insulate Pipes


By insulating your pipes, you can significantly reduce energy use and with it – your energy bill. Insulated pipes help keep up the heat of the water as it travels through your home so that energy isn’t wasted in keeping up the temperature. By simply keeping this temperature up, you are saving a lot of energy as well as money.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters (or Instantaneous heaters) are a new and very convenient advance from your common water heater. These units are not only very energy efficient but they are of great benefit to their owner. Of course they are tankless so they require less space and don’t hold gallons of water that could potentially leak out (or worse – cause a flood). They save you money on your energy bill and grant you tax credits from the federal government for their energy efficiency. These water heaters can be installed indoors or out, whichever you prefer. We may have to revise some items before we install, such as gas supply size, circuit breaker size, vent system etc. but be assured we will address these issues as needed.